Exotic Foods To Enjoy In Lockdown

A good gambling night is incomplete without amazing food. Food that complements the remote gambling games always makes the experience a million times better. Not to mention the exotic cocktails and wine that add to the gambling drive of the lucky gamblers.

As long as the wine is authentic, crisp, and rich in its flavor, the money is never wrongly spent. The Weczeria Food and Wine deliver premium quality ambiance to the customers alongside the food, wine, and beer, which will allow the customers to enjoy the luxury of European foods.

The flavors of Weczeria are exotic and unique as it is the perfect blend of the delicious flavors of Europe.

A Little History of Weczeria

For many, the word Weczeria may make no sense. But to the Ukrainians, Weczeria holds special importance in the Ukrainian culture, and especially to the founders of the restaurant, Daniel and Nicole Walker. It means “evening meal” in Ukrainian, but it means more than just a meal.

The restaurant owners have Polish and Ukrainian ancestry, which has inspired most of their elegant cuisines of the restaurant. The dishes are neither Polish nor Ukrainian; however, the restaurant voices the culture the owners grew up in, resulting in food made with heart yet is also inspired by the Vancouver cuisines.

The Vancouver taste is one of the prominent tastes in the Weczeria dishes alongside the French twist to the food with premium quality ingredients. The owner of the restaurant also has a vast experience of different culinary schools, which allows them to integrate different cultural cuisines into the Weczeria cuisines.

What Is The Weczeria Menu Like

The Weczeria menu incorporates all the various flavors of the world, and the prices range from anything from $6 to $28. The appetizer menu has a wide range of exotic dishes to choose from and premium deals which include wild boar with lentils, pears, cabbage, and Magret Duck paired with carrot, wild rice, and Hanger Steak with potato, celery root, and Scallop with apple, jicama, bacon, and pickled salsify, and Trout with beets, barley.

They serve that with the sides of red wine, natural juices, and goat cheese. In addition, they have premium quality desserts with rich, sweet favors that one can devour after their mains. They cost $6 each, from creme brulee, hazelnut and caramel Chocolate cake with espresso ice cream, Apple Charlotte with pumpkin/caramel ice cream, Lemon Tart, and Sour Cherry Bread pudding.

The Online Casino Experience

The online casino experience is made a lot more authentic with the delicacies of Weczeria. You can gamble remotely, enjoying the as you would at a typical casino, and eat the luxury foods of the casino with its European touch at the comfort of your home.

Weczeria promises to deliver a prime time as you gamble and make the most out of the fun activities you can still do in quarantine. Weczeria takes your casino , experience a step further to its authenticity.